How Can I Get Rid of the Mold or Mildew on My Window Frames?

For the sick, very young, elderly, asthmatic, or allergy-ridden individuals, mold and mildew can be a source of great stress. Not only does the growth of mold spores create a very unattractive look on a surface, it can also be very destructive to the health of the occupants of the home. They attack the respiratory system and make it harder to breathe. So, as soon as a mildew or mold problem is detected, it should be addressed. Often, these issues can arise on and around window frame, particularly in they are made of wood.

Cleaning New and Old Windows – Even new window replacement models with wood frames are susceptible to mildew and mold, if they are constructed with wooden frames. In order to get rid of the mildew and mold already formed there, you will need a cleaner will the power to kill the living organisms. There are many all-Purpose Cleaners with bleach on the market today. The bleach is very effective at destroying live mold spores. These can be sprayed all over the wooden frames and allowed to soak in for several minutes. Simply wipe the frames clean with a sponge and hot water fifteen or twenty minutes later. Be sure to scrub the surface clean and dry with a cloth to remove excess moisture.

Sealing to Defend Against Mold – There are many ways to prevent future mold growth on your wood-framed windows. In Sugar Land, there are many window experts that can recommend sealers for this specific purpose, but you might if you are considering painting them anyway, then select a mold-resistant paint. There are many on the market that can create a water-tight seal over the wood.

Find the Problem – Mold relies on moisture to grow. It can’t survive in dry areas, so if you have mold, then you also have a moisture problem and curing the latter can ensure the mold stops. Moisture in the home can be reduced with exhaust fans and dehumidifiers. It could also be that the tiny water droplets are leaking in from the outdoors. If this is thought to be the case, you may consider re-sealing your windows. There are three types of sealers that can be applied by the pros, or on your own. There is silicone, latex, and acrylic. Each can provide the water-tight seal you need.

Saying Goodbye Once and For All If you can’t get the wood to come clean of the mold or it seems to be a recurring issue, then it might be time to consider replacement windows. It could be that moisture is leaking from the outdoors or that condensation is occurring due to temperature transfer. Houston window replacement can correct both of these issues and, if you select a vinyl window frame, then mold will no longer be an issue. With multiple panes (double- or triple-) the temperature exchange between the outdoors and inside will be slowed dramatically. That also means that condensation is less likely to occur. New windows also provide tighter seals to prevent leaking.