Understanding Dental Crowns

We all want to have perfect teeth, but sometimes things, or situations, happen which prevent us from having the teeth that we really want to have. Many times these situations are beyond our control, or get out of hand before we realize it, and suddenly we’re dealing with teeth that we desperately hate. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists offer many different ways to help you to have the type of teeth that you want to have, and many of these procedures are absolutely painless, like dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?

Someone who has never had to visit the dentist to discuss crowns may not know what they are. Dental crowns are items that are made out of a specific type of mouth-safe material. These materials are synthetic but do a very good job in imitating real teeth. Crowns are used to cover up a tooth that could be described as “problematic”. The material is shaped to the individual’s mouth in order to match the teeth that are currently there and can cover up a variety of unpleasant situations, such as broken teeth or teeth that are severely decayed. A crown can even help to fix inconsistencies in tooth color.

If you think that you have a problem that your dental office may be able to fix with a crown, the first thing that you should do is schedule an exam. During the exam your dental expert will be able to tell if a crown can help you or if there is some other solution that would fit your unique situation better, such as tooth colored fillings, which are used to fill in teeth that have larger cavities. If the dentist decides that a crown is the best option, you will be rescheduled in order to get a crown fitted for your tooth.

The fitting process is painless and uses a special molding material that takes an impression of your tooth. During the process your tooth may need to be reshaped a bit in order to give a seamless feel to the crown, but the reshaping is also painless. The impression will be sent to a lab where a crown will be created to fit precisely on your tooth. During the second visit, the crown will be seated on the tooth and the dentist will check to make sure that the fit is perfect. You should be able to chew without feeling the crown on your tooth at all. Once the crown is perfect, your mercury free dentist in Austin TX will use a special dental cement to make sure that the crown stays where it is supposed to stay. You will also be given specific instructions about what types of foods to avoid and which foods are okay. If you follow the instructions, your crown can last you for ten years or even longer, helping give your teeth the perfect look that you have always wanted without having to go through any painful or extremely long surgical procedures.

About the Author: Denver Smith has extensive experience in the dental field and actively consults in this industry