Should Caring for Your Teeth Be Your New Year’s Resolution?

There are still many Americans who have failed to fully grasp the importance of dental health. If you are one of those individuals, you might want to take a moment to consider what the Austin dentist has to offer you and to reconsider your 2012 resolutions. For instance, did you know that gum disease has a direct link to cardiovascular disease? It’s true, and it has also been found that decay and tooth loss have a direct connection to Alzheimer’s Disease. Caring for your teeth today won’t just save the cosmetic appeal of beautiful teeth and prevent the pain of cavities and infection, but it can also save your life in the future.

If you are reconsidering your New Year’s resolution now, then you might want to consider these great ways to improve your dental status.


If you aren’t brushing your teeth twice a day, then you know just where to begin. When it comes to dental health, this is the most important component. Not only should you brush two times per day, but each of those brushing sessions should last a minimum of two minutes. It might seem like a lot when you are staring in the bathroom mirror, but spending a mere four minutes per day on your teeth can vastly improve your chances of a healthy mouth and a healthy body as you age. Be sure during those two minutes each time, you are dedicating a few seconds to wiping your tongue clean of the bacteria resting there. This will help reducing bad breath and also help in the fight against the potential for infection.

Don’t Stop There

After you set your toothbrush down, take a moment to pick up something else. Floss can reach between the teeth, where bacteria and plaque hunker down, hide away, and wreak havoc. This is an area that is very likely to see cavity formation, if a person doesn’t regularly floss.

Get Problems Fixed Before They Grow

For instance, if you have crooked teeth that make it difficult to keep them clean, then consider Invisalign Austin sees many individuals who wait too long, letting a cavity eat away for months before having it filled or waiting until wisdom teeth are causing agony before having them removed. Getting those problems fixed as they arise can help reduce discomfort, the potential for bigger problems later, and even the anxiety you feel when visiting the dentist.

Let Yourself Be Beautiful

If health is not enough of a motivation, then consider the advantages of cosmetic improvement. A cosmetic dentist can perform near miracles today with teeth whitening, implants, invisible braces, and tooth colored fillings. These improvements can give you reason to smile in the New Year.