How Can I Get Rid of the Mold or Mildew on My Window Frames?

For the sick, very young, elderly, asthmatic, or allergy-ridden individuals, mold and mildew can be a source of great stress. Not only does the growth of mold spores create a very unattractive look on a surface, it can also be very destructive to the health of the occupants of the home. They attack the respiratory system and make it harder to breathe. So, as soon as a mildew or mold problem is detected, it should be addressed. Often, these issues can arise on and around window frame, particularly in they are made of wood.

Cleaning New and Old Windows – Even new window replacement models with wood frames are susceptible to mildew and mold, if they are constructed with wooden frames. In order to get rid of the mildew and mold already formed there, you will need a cleaner will the power to kill the living organisms. There are many all-Purpose Cleaners with bleach on the market today. The bleach is very effective at destroying live mold spores. These can be sprayed all over the wooden frames and allowed to soak in for several minutes. Simply wipe the frames clean with a sponge and hot water fifteen or twenty minutes later. Be sure to scrub the surface clean and dry with a cloth to remove excess moisture.

Sealing to Defend Against Mold – There are many ways to prevent future mold growth on your wood-framed windows. In Sugar Land, there are many window experts that can recommend sealers for this specific purpose, but you might if you are considering painting them anyway, then select a mold-resistant paint. There are many on the market that can create a water-tight seal over the wood.

Find the Problem – Mold relies on moisture to grow. It can’t survive in dry areas, so if you have mold, then you also have a moisture problem and curing the latter can ensure the mold stops. Moisture in the home can be reduced with exhaust fans and dehumidifiers. It could also be that the tiny water droplets are leaking in from the outdoors. If this is thought to be the case, you may consider re-sealing your windows. There are three types of sealers that can be applied by the pros, or on your own. There is silicone, latex, and acrylic. Each can provide the water-tight seal you need.

Saying Goodbye Once and For All If you can’t get the wood to come clean of the mold or it seems to be a recurring issue, then it might be time to consider replacement windows. It could be that moisture is leaking from the outdoors or that condensation is occurring due to temperature transfer. Houston window replacement can correct both of these issues and, if you select a vinyl window frame, then mold will no longer be an issue. With multiple panes (double- or triple-) the temperature exchange between the outdoors and inside will be slowed dramatically. That also means that condensation is less likely to occur. New windows also provide tighter seals to prevent leaking.

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Energy Efficient Roofing Tips in Houston You Need Now

Many households are looking to conserve energy these days, and it’s little wonder why. With the cost of energy nearly doubling in the past decade, moving toward using a bit less certainly isn’t a bad idea. Few people, though, look toward their roofs as the way to save energy. That’s unfortunate, though, because there are a number of ways your roof can help you save money. These tips can help.

Installing a New Roof

This is the biggest way to become a bit more energy efficient. If your roof is several years old, there are so many new technologies out there that can help you stay a bit more efficient. In fact, there are even government rebates that may help to reduce the overall cost to you after installation.

Metal roofs offer serious energy efficiency, and they have a few other bonuses too. They’re stronger and more durable than other choices. They’re fire resistant, and they can withstand any type of weather you can imagine. Because they reflect so much of the sunlight, they’ll help keep your energy bills down. Tile roofs are another option when you want to look into energy efficiency. These can be made from clay or concrete, and most are incredibly attractive. They encourage airflow on the surface of the roof, and they can have reflective coatings added. It’s important to note, though, that hail can damage certain types of tile roofing. Recycled shingles is one other option you may want to consider. They have a 50 year lifespan, and you’re helping to reduce waste just by buying them.

Whether you’re talking about a new construction home or you’re just reroofing the old one, talking about energy efficient materials with your Houston roofing contractor is a great first step.

Think A Bit Lower

Insulation is another way to help your roof become just a little more energy efficient. Poorly insulated roofs mean more air conditioning in the summer and more heat in the winter. If you’re not already property insulated, it’s best to contact a professional to handle the insulation, as there are lots of great green options in that area too that will provide you with the help you need and a great product at the same time.

Roof Repairs

If you have roof repairs to make in the near future, there are sustainable options there as well. Even if your roof is several years old, yet not nearing replacement time, talk to your Pasadena roofing crew about ways you can increase the overall energy efficiency during the course of repairs. In some cases, it may be as simple as a top coating on your current roof.

Energy efficiency is an absolute must as energy costs continue to increase, and there are many ways to move your home toward a more energy efficient model. Your roof is just one of many different ways. Talking with Cypress, TX, roofers that specializes in energy efficiency, as well as roofing, is one great way to make certain you’re getting a complete solution to meet your needs.

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Hiring a Professional Food Photographer

Why to Hire a Food Photographer For Your Restaurant or Catering Business

Starting a restaurant is a very daunting task, no matter whether you have worked in one for years or even if you’ve started one before! Restaurants take a huge amount of time and money to start, and to grow. The same is true for a catering business. A catering business may not have some of the same startup costs that a restaurant does, but it definitely has its fair share of costs! If you have an amazing restaurant or catering company, you may be trying to cut as many corners as you possibly can in an effort to save money, which isn’t a bad idea, but have you thought about hiring an Austin food photography business to help you to capture amazing photos?

Why Hire Out?
One of the biggest mistakes that many restaurant and catering owners makes is in believing that they can take photos of their food themselves. After all, food isn’t like people. It doesn’t move and because it stays still you should be able to take a photo of the food easily, right? Wrong. Food photographers have all sorts of different tricks of the trade that they can, and do, use in order to get great photos. One way to tell the difference between your photos and those from a professional Fort Worth, Texas, photographer is to try to emulate a shot that you’ve seen. Look through a food magazine, or go online and look at food photos. Then make the same dish that you see in the magazine or online. Take a picture of it. Put your photo next to the original and look at the difference. Do you see how different the photos look? Why do they look so different, you may be wondering? Because a professional food photographer knows how to truly make the food shine.

Spending Money
It’s never easy to spend money, especially when you’re just trying to start up a business, but spending money on a food photographer, Texas business owners know, may be a very good idea. Have you ever heard the old saying “You have to spend money to make money”? The saying is absolutely true. Let’s say you take photos of your food and put them in your menu. How appealing will they be? In most cases, they will be nowhere near as appealing as photos that are taken by a professional would be. Restaurant-goers will be much less likely to order a meal that looks very unappealing. Spend a little bit on a food photographer, however, and you’ll find that the photos that you can put in your menu will look 100% better, and much more appealing than they were before.
The same holds true for a caterer. A caterer needs to showcase their food thoroughly, as generally people are unable to sample the food and go by the photos instead. This makes having high quality food photos extremely important and is a very good reason to hire a professional.

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House Cleaning Tips for Austin TX

It’s one area people dread on a regular basis – cleaning their homes. After all, a good cleaning can take some serious time and effort. Fortunately, there are a few shortcuts you can take to get the clean you want without all the time. Of course you can always just hire a cleaning service in Austin Here are a few house cleaning tips you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Start With a Little Organization – It’s far easier to tackle an entire house if you spend some time organizing your home before.  An experienced home cleaning service in Austin recommends you devote at least a couple hours before you do this. If every item in your home has a permanent place, you’re less likely to keep it cluttered, which can go a long way toward a cleaner house. An organized home is not only easier to clean, but it quickly becomes more functional too. Add that to the fact that it allows you to stop stepping on books, magazines, kids’ homework folders, and coats, and you have a winning combination.

Create a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It – One of the biggest problems for most people is that they’re so busy, they don’t always have time to undertake three or four hours of cleaning on their days off which is why some hire a maid service in Austin TX. If you create a solid cleaning schedule, that won’t be an issue. For example, say you choose to clean all of the mirrors in the house on Monday evenings when you get off work. The reality is that the task likely won’t take more than twenty minutes out of your evening, and once you’re done, you can tick off one cleaning task you won’t have to revisit for an entire week. A good cleaning schedule will also likely incorporate longer major cleaning tasks, like cleaning the refrigerator, so you may want to grab a calendar and schedule those as well.  This can even apply to an office cleaning Austin TX.   There are even templates online that can help build a cleaning schedule that will keep your house shining in the weeks to come.

You’re Not the Only One – Unless you live alone, that is. If you have others in the house, whether you have a spouse, a significant other, or kids, you need to involve them in the cleaning process. There’s little reason you should undertake all of the cleaning on your own. This tip was provided by a commercial cleaning service for Austin.  Even your little ones can help with certain tasks like keeping their toys picked up, so be sure to get everyone in on the act, and put it on your schedule. It will keep you from pulling your hair out trying to get the clean you want.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies In a Central Location – If you have to run to the upstairs closet for this and to the basement for that, you’re going to waste quite a bit of time when it comes to cleaning your house. Find a spot in your home where you can store all of the necessary cleaning supplies, then keep them together. This will come in handy as well when you are performing your Austin move-out cleaning.  On dusting day, you’ll know exactly where to grab a dusting cloth and the dusting solution you typically use.

Eliminate Distractions – If your sister calls while you’re cleaning the house, you’re likely to sit and chat with her instead of actually accomplishing the task at hand. When it’s time to clean, turn off the ringer on your phone and get busy.  Especially if you are cleaning your house right after a Austin move-in cleaning. You’ll actually get the house clean, and you won’t have to rush around because you got distracted by another task.

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be the monumental occasion you always thought. These great house cleaning tips can save you time, helping you ensure your house gets the attention it deserves every week.

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Five Things You Can Do to Look Better in 2012

Did you skip the classic New Year’s Resolutions and find yours staring back at you in the mirror? If your goal is simply to look better in 2012, then you have come to the right place. You might want to consider these tips for getting you started on your raise to the finish line.

Hit the Pharmacy Many people look for external products first to improve their outward appearance, but often the blemishes on the outside are closely related to deficiencies on the inside. A large portion of the American population is vitamin deficient. Whether it is vitamin C, D, B, or one that is less common, getting your insides back to an equilibrium can have a very profound impact on the outward you. The most commonly recommended vitamins for beauty are vitamin C and vitamin E, which both play important parts in skin health, including the reduction of excess sebum production, improved collagen growth, and bettered radiance.

Beat Bacteria Whether it is on your face in the form of blackheads or on your legs in the form of razor burn, bacteria can quickly turn a smooth and beautiful surface, into something marred and messed up. Bacteria grow in pores because that is where body oil, dead skin cells, and other organic matter builds up. When a hair is removed via shaving or waxing, bacteria can quickly clog the pore and cause infection and ingrown hair. Similarly, on the face, failure to follow a proper hygiene routine can allow bacteria to grow rapid, resulting in extreme breakouts. In order to defeat bacteria, regularly wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, moisturize, exfoliate, and shave in the direction of the hair growth. If you still have trouble with zits or ingrown hairs, then consider products containing Salicylic acid, which is a disinfectant for the skin. It might also be worthwhile to consider an Austin laser facial to improve your skin’s condition.

Raise Your Hand Next time you stand in front of the mirror inspecting your face and body, pay close attention to your hands. Aside from the face, the hands are one of the most frequently seen parts of you and they can give away your age immediately. Be sure to treat them as well as you do your face by washing them regularly and using moisturizers designed for use on the hands. Also, inspect your cuticles. This is an area often overlooked, but it can make a big difference when trying to grow beautiful nails. It might be worth the investment in a cuticle oil to keep them flexible and healthy.

Face the Inevitable Even if your New Year’s Resolution is not to get fit, but simply to look and feel better, you aren’t going to be able to turn your back on fitness forever. Losing a few pounds, for those who need to, can make a lot of difference in overall appearance, but the changes to diet, activity levels, and sleep habits are also great for the skin, hair, nails, and all other parts of your body. If weight loss is the goa,l then consider the hCG diet for help losing stubborn pounds. If you are happy with your weight, then you might focus on toning, which will help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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Should Caring for Your Teeth Be Your New Year’s Resolution?

There are still many Americans who have failed to fully grasp the importance of dental health. If you are one of those individuals, you might want to take a moment to consider what the Austin dentist has to offer you and to reconsider your 2012 resolutions. For instance, did you know that gum disease has a direct link to cardiovascular disease? It’s true, and it has also been found that decay and tooth loss have a direct connection to Alzheimer’s Disease. Caring for your teeth today won’t just save the cosmetic appeal of beautiful teeth and prevent the pain of cavities and infection, but it can also save your life in the future.

If you are reconsidering your New Year’s resolution now, then you might want to consider these great ways to improve your dental status.


If you aren’t brushing your teeth twice a day, then you know just where to begin. When it comes to dental health, this is the most important component. Not only should you brush two times per day, but each of those brushing sessions should last a minimum of two minutes. It might seem like a lot when you are staring in the bathroom mirror, but spending a mere four minutes per day on your teeth can vastly improve your chances of a healthy mouth and a healthy body as you age. Be sure during those two minutes each time, you are dedicating a few seconds to wiping your tongue clean of the bacteria resting there. This will help reducing bad breath and also help in the fight against the potential for infection.

Don’t Stop There

After you set your toothbrush down, take a moment to pick up something else. Floss can reach between the teeth, where bacteria and plaque hunker down, hide away, and wreak havoc. This is an area that is very likely to see cavity formation, if a person doesn’t regularly floss.

Get Problems Fixed Before They Grow

For instance, if you have crooked teeth that make it difficult to keep them clean, then consider Invisalign Austin sees many individuals who wait too long, letting a cavity eat away for months before having it filled or waiting until wisdom teeth are causing agony before having them removed. Getting those problems fixed as they arise can help reduce discomfort, the potential for bigger problems later, and even the anxiety you feel when visiting the dentist.

Let Yourself Be Beautiful

If health is not enough of a motivation, then consider the advantages of cosmetic improvement. A cosmetic dentist can perform near miracles today with teeth whitening, implants, invisible braces, and tooth colored fillings. These improvements can give you reason to smile in the New Year.

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Understanding Dental Crowns

We all want to have perfect teeth, but sometimes things, or situations, happen which prevent us from having the teeth that we really want to have. Many times these situations are beyond our control, or get out of hand before we realize it, and suddenly we’re dealing with teeth that we desperately hate. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists offer many different ways to help you to have the type of teeth that you want to have, and many of these procedures are absolutely painless, like dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?

Someone who has never had to visit the dentist to discuss crowns may not know what they are. Dental crowns are items that are made out of a specific type of mouth-safe material. These materials are synthetic but do a very good job in imitating real teeth. Crowns are used to cover up a tooth that could be described as “problematic”. The material is shaped to the individual’s mouth in order to match the teeth that are currently there and can cover up a variety of unpleasant situations, such as broken teeth or teeth that are severely decayed. A crown can even help to fix inconsistencies in tooth color.

If you think that you have a problem that your dental office may be able to fix with a crown, the first thing that you should do is schedule an exam. During the exam your dental expert will be able to tell if a crown can help you or if there is some other solution that would fit your unique situation better, such as tooth colored fillings, which are used to fill in teeth that have larger cavities. If the dentist decides that a crown is the best option, you will be rescheduled in order to get a crown fitted for your tooth.

The fitting process is painless and uses a special molding material that takes an impression of your tooth. During the process your tooth may need to be reshaped a bit in order to give a seamless feel to the crown, but the reshaping is also painless. The impression will be sent to a lab where a crown will be created to fit precisely on your tooth. During the second visit, the crown will be seated on the tooth and the dentist will check to make sure that the fit is perfect. You should be able to chew without feeling the crown on your tooth at all. Once the crown is perfect, your mercury free dentist in Austin TX will use a special dental cement to make sure that the crown stays where it is supposed to stay. You will also be given specific instructions about what types of foods to avoid and which foods are okay. If you follow the instructions, your crown can last you for ten years or even longer, helping give your teeth the perfect look that you have always wanted without having to go through any painful or extremely long surgical procedures.

About the Author: Denver Smith has extensive experience in the dental field and actively consults in this industry

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Pull your Batman mask out of the closet and get ready to geek out, the 2010 Austin Comicon is on its way. November 12th – 14th at the Austin Convention Center, comic fans, sci-fi followers, and gamers will converge for a weekend of non-stop entertainment. The convention center is located at 500 East Cesar Chavez Street in Austin. Doors will open at noon Friday the 12th on the opening day, and the festivities will go on until 8pm. The hours for Saturday the 13th are 10am-7pm, and 10am-5pm on the conventions closing night, Sunday the 14th.
You have several options when it comes to purchasing tickets. A single day pass is $30, but buy early and get $5 off the purchase price. $50 will get you into all three days of the convention. The $5 discount also applies for early purchase. For $200 or $150 for early purchase, you can get the Wizard VIP package. This includes a 3-day ticket as well as an exclusive VIP book, and a 9.8 rated CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) comic. Children 10 and under are free with a paid adult admission. All early purchase tickets will be e-mailed and available as a PDF file after purchase. The Wizard VIP badge must be picked up at the show.
Whatever you are interested in, you will find it at Comicon. This year will have three stars from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, and Clare Kramer. Star Wars fans have reason to celebrate this year also. Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams will be on hand as well as other favorite classic sci-fi characters, Gil Gerard and Erin Gray of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Stars from current sci-fi hits will also be present and you will have a chance to meet Claudia Christian from Babylon 5 or Luciana Carro from Battlestar Galactica. Other special guests include Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters, Kelly Hu of X-Men 2, Emmy nominated actress Mimi Rogers, and The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno as well as many other sports and TV celebrities. In all, more than 150 guests are expected to attend.
Austin Comicon has it all, comics, collectibles, video games, anime, horror, wrestling, and TV. While Comicon is a pop culture smorgasbord, the purists are interested in seeing what is new in the world of comics. While at the convention, head over to “Artist Alley” to meet some of your favorite nationally known comic artists, illustrators, and toy designers, including local Austin artists M. Austin Bedell, Tim Doyle, Cary Kelley, and Jason Neulander.
Dress up as your favorite character for a chance to win prizes in the costume contest or have your picture taken with or get an autograph from your favorite TV or movie character. A “Magic: The Gathering” tournament will take place for all you planeswalkers. If you are looking to expand your comic, toy, or memorabilia collection, there will be over 100 dealer booths with collectibles for sale and interactive product exhibits for you to enjoy. Above all else, Comicon is a chance to have fun. Let the real world and fantasy collide.

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